Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ghosts In The Attic

Ghosts in the Attic hard at work at Ventura's historic Pierpont Inn

September 25, 2009
By Tina Vervoorn

California Chronicle-
(VENTURA, CA) As new owners begin renovations at historic Southern California 99-year old Pierpont Inn, paranormal encounters and activity more frequent.

Whether you share a fancy for paranormal sightings or want to escape into a vortex of relaxation at this historic inn on the bluff, The Pierpont Inn has something for everyone, both in this world and in alternate realms.

A Ventura landmark for more than 99 years, the rare, historic Arts and Crafts inn was built by Josephine Pierpont-Ginn in 1910 and purchased by Mattie Vickers Gleichman in 1928. The third woman owner, Grace Ahn, purchased The Pierpont Inn in May 2009.

Since new owners and ongoing restoration and construction on the grounds began in May, employees and management of the Inn are experiencing first-hand what they may have only heard about before.

Ventura County ghost expert, witness, writer and paranormal specialist Richard Senate has hosted many ghost tours at The Pierpont Inn in the past, a hotbed for spiritual encounters.

"I have come to believe that the City of Ventura is one of the most haunted cities in America," Senate says. "The Pierpont Inn is no exception."

Yes, The Pierpont Inn is haunted. There are ghosts in its 99-year old attic, which are now staff offices, as well as banquet halls, grounds and one guest room in particular where the top comforter is always found folded at the end of the bed (Room 603). In the Camulos dining room inside the Vickers´s Estate – once the residence of Gus and Mattie Vickers when they owned The Pierpont Inn – lights flicker on and off.

Marcia Santilli, the Inn´s director of catering has her own recent experience to share. Upon leaving her office recently, Santilli locked the door, double-checking to make sure it was pulled tight, and walked towards Nadine Goodwin, catering manager. In a matter of seconds the door had unlocked and flung wide open, slamming against the office wall. The pair stared, stunned.

Since the owners have completed many renovations and upgrades to the property, hired new staff, added new appointments and updated guest rooms, many on the hotel staff believe the spirits that call The Pierpont Inn home seem to be responding to the bustle of activity.

"We welcome the living and dearly departed here at The Pierpont Inn," Harry Ahn, CEO says with a laugh.

"We are living history here every day and are thrilled to serve as caretakers for this historic property as it nears its 100th year."

As the oldest operating hotel in Ventura County, The Pierpont Inn is designated Ventura County Landmark No. 80 and on the official registry of Historic Hotels of America. It will celebrate 100 years on September 17, 2010.

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