Thursday, May 20, 2010

True Ghost Story from Scotland

I received this email from a lady in Scotland, with an intriguing story of an apparition, that she and her mother saw, while driving on a snowy December night. Name withheld for privacy.

Hi. I live in central Scotland UK and would like to share this story which happened to myself and my mother about 10 or so years ago whilst driving in Scotland. It was the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me and my mother is a complete skeptic and even she had to admit that this was something really odd!
It was only about 7/7.30pm one really cold December wintery night, it had been snowing heavily and, although my parents had lived in that area for many years, she got lost and we were going down all these little winding roads and just basically going round in circles! We got to this little road and there was a huge pile of snow and the tyres of the car were just skidding and we felt as though we were stuck and there was not one single vehicle or house nearby!
Anyway, as my mother kept trying to forward and reverse the car (it was so bad outside that we didn't want to get out the car to push it etc.), we both glanced to the left, a large field with a few trees and nothing much else. We both kind of gasped as we saw this 'thing' floating about and at first I thought it was a large while plastic bag, however, it had thin legs and arms and a definite body and face! It looked like a young girl, very fragile and she was actually dancing about in that field, in and out of the trees, we were both literally staring for about 10 minutes or so at this amazing sight which I think we both knew was not 'human'. It must have been about 20ft away and it was almost luminous in the almost dark field, we were mesmerized. However we started to panic and my mother was really worried we were going to be stuck (no mobile phone back then, no AA membership etc.) and no-one about except for this weird apparition.
Anyway, after about 20 minutes (it seemed much longer) we were moving backwards and getting out of the snow pile but still watching this 'girl-thing' prancing about - it was fascinating yet extremely creepy as I swear she looked straight at us in the car a couple of times and was coming closer and closer.
At that point, we got moving, turned the car around and 'got out of there as fast as possible'!! We were both cold, shaken and quite frankly really petrified.
When we got to my parents' house and told my dad, he just dismissed it as our imagination etc. but we both knew what we saw and it was NOT imagination, the only explanation we have is that we saw some kind of entity, not from this world, why it was there and for what purpose I couldn't tell you but I have never forgotten it and probably never will!!
I have experienced other strange phenomena throughout my lifetime and been told many things about strange goings-on but I felt I had to share this story as it was really strange and real!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

UFO Hunter Tells of Ghost Encounter

MUFON State Director reports strange encounter at his home According to a statement made on April 25, Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) State Director John Ventre reported that his daughter had a strange encounter with possibly multiple entities, at his Greensburg home on April 24, 2010.

In his statement, Ventre said that his daughter was visiting his home, as were his son and his son's girlfriend.

His daughter woke him up at 4 a.m. to explain to him that she could not sleep earlier in the evening and had paced around the home, feeling as though a presence was watching her, following her.

At 2:00 a.m., she retieived a water bottle from a basement refrigerator, the whole time feeling as though something was following her arounf the home.

She finally turned off her bedroom light at 3:00 a.m., then laid down in an attempt to sleep.

"Lying as stiff as a board under the covers, with her eyes pinned open gazing at the ceiling, she felt an extremely intense pressure in her body," Ventre stated. "It felt as though someone had lain on top of her and absorbed into her body."

During the next hour, the daughter recounts how possibly two entities entered her body. She also visually saw a figure in the room.

"My daughter further explained that she could see a dark shadow circling above her like a whirlpool. When she looked to her dresser mirror, the shape of a male figure was in the left corner. For one whole minute, she watched the shadow carelessly moving, trying to figure out how she could escape from the room."

Read the unedited statement that Ventre provided.


Note: Ventre's home is located near a cemetery, so it sounds a lot like a haunting with attempted "possession".