Monday, August 23, 2010

33 Chilean Miners Await Rescue

One of the 33 trapped miners awaiting rescue, which could take up to 4 months. 33 miners trapped deep underground in a mine in Chile will need to spend the next four months participating in their own rescue before being pulled out by rope, it emerged today.

Rescue workers were tonight set to begin lowering capsules of glucose, hydration gels, liquid nutrients, communication equipment and medicine down a 2,257ft bore hole to the bottom of the San José mine, where the men have been trapped inside a mine shaft for the last 18 days. The rescue work continued as questions began to emerge about the safety record of the mine, with relatives asking why it was allowed to operate.

The men's miraculous tale of survival was communicated to the world yesterday when they attached a note to a probe sent into the shaft. It read: "All 33 of us are well inside the shelter."

The news, confirmed by the Chilean president, Sebastián Piñera, prompted celebrations across the country and jubilant scenes on the surface of the mine, where the men's relatives had established a week-long vigil as they awaited signs of life.

Officials have described the bore hole – which is just 8cm wide – as an "umbilical cord" for the miners. It will attempt to keep them healthy while officials begin drilling a far bigger hole as an escape route for the men, who are trapped in a shelter around 52 sq metres – the size of a small apartment. Rescuers also plan another shaft to ensure ventilation for the miners, who are thought to be enduring temperatures as high as 32C.

Widening the existing hole is also an option, although officials said excavating the rescue tunnel – which will be around 65cm wide – would take between three and four months.

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Note:  I decided to post this, as it is an example of the human strength of will.  They have already survived many days and those miners must survive for the next few months of rescue efforts.  Oxygen, food and water aren't all that is necessary to do so.  One must remember that these men are entombed, deep underground.  It will take courage, faith and a tremendous will to live, to survive their long ordeal. 
Our prayers are with them...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spirit Orb in Breckenridge farm photo

On July 18, 2010, I took some flash photos near our home on our farm outside of Breckenridge, Texas. Something quite odd turned up in the very first photo I took.

It appears that there is some sort of fog, or ectoplasm surrounding me (the camera attempted to focus on it), and in the background an orb appeared. 

When examining the orb, I find that it is emitting it's own light, a light that I did not see with my eyes at the time the photo was taken.  The colors purple and gold stand out from the bright white light.

I have often taken photos on our farm at night.  The camera has picked up images of some strange lights and other objects unseen to the naked eye.  I seem to attract these 'spirits' and though I cannot see them, I can sense their presence.

I might also add that we have a pet cemetery on our property and many times I sense one or more of our beloved, yet deceased pets...

Another Lake Monster?

Last week, Darlene Thompkins and her daughter were wading in the waters near the Ootsa Lake spillway, when she saw a large creature in the water.

"It looked like a huge snake head ... and it was a dark grey colour," she said.

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