Friday, January 15, 2010

This Week's Mysteries And Commentary

Several interesting stories come to light this week, such as the news of a chicken killing fiend in El Paso, Texas and a story about a Hobbit' sighting.

Someone 'found Bigfoot', while scientists discover shapes on Mars that look like trees (see photo).

Does Great Britian have it's own 'Socorro', and why is Ms. Holly harping about HAARP?

And the world still turns, as MUFON's National Director steps down and a game camera captures what could be aliens... or is it all an elaborate hoax?

- - -

*Points to Ponder

I had a dog once, that killed chickens. He didn't tear them apart, just broke their necks and left them dead. Still, a mysterious vampire-like creature makes for good legend, unlike a dog with a bad habbit.

Hobbits on the other hand, could just be Leprechauns in disguise (wink, wink) and Hobbits/Leprechauns 'habit the woods', ya know.

And why not a Bigfoot? How many critters lurk about our world and aside from footprints, scientists still can't find a trace? I guess government funding for Bigfoot research is still 'pending'.

How can the U.S. claim to be the UFO hot spot, when other countries get into the act? It's not like the US is the only country on the planet, one that HAARP is bent on destroying. Or is it?

And this week it all boils down to capturing aliens on video with a game camera meant to spot Bambi, while the staff is passed on at MUFON HQ. Where's Mystery Quest when you need them? Ouch.

* Not necessarily my opinion but I have one, if asked.

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