Sunday, February 7, 2010

Green-eyed Being & UFO Affect Witness In California

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MUFON Case # 21794
Date: 2009-11-01 02:00
Victorville, California
Shape: Square/Rectagular,Other
Distance: 100 feet or less
Location: Lake/River
Terrain: Lake
Visibility: Clear
Weather: None
Entity Type: Reptile-like

I had to get up around 2am to take dogs out to backyard to go potty. while standing out there half asleep my dog started to growl towards other side of finger across from me(i live on a lake down a finger).i looked to the other side of finger and noticed what appeared to be a very large object crouched down with a sort of cape draped down.all of a sudden all of my dogs were looking across finger and starting to bark .i called for the dogs to come inside now because the neighbors get sort of upset when dogs are barking, while looking at this object at same time. all of a sudden it stood up and could see greenish colored eyes on it. i got scared and yelled at dogs to get in now!i looked back up and this being was now flying in air towards me and flew along sideways and stared at me and flew away.i was scared and dogs were day it was back to normal.evening came around and i was still rather shook up about the day before.about 11pm that night I took the dogs out a little earlier hoping they would sleep till morning .it was and errie feeling standing out there. i looked hard but didnt see that being across the finger from me anymore. i looked up to skies and it was very clear. so clear that the sky looked really strange .i looked harder and started to notice that there was a line of an object in sky almost the size of a football field above me in the sky .as i looked more closely i noticed that the stars on the inside of this black lining were brighter than regular stars. what i was actually seeing was a massive ship attempting to camoflauge its underbelly as the sky. i stared a little more and then a sharp instant pain entered my abdomen.i immediately felt my mind very confused and it was telling me to go back inside now or else.i cannot explain what happened at that moment .only can tell u that 2 weeks later was in hospital with total with major complications almost dying from massive bacterial infection) and almost died.had to be off 2/1/2 months off of work and havent been the same since.cant remember things.simple things. i am only 48 years i should not be experiencing alzheimers already. what i seen was very real and has made me realize something. i used to get excieted about ufos. no more. something else happend the year before but i will relay if and when u r ready .i live in helendale and about 2 miles from an airbase .strange things happen there all the time. all of those people that live in surrounding area of this base say they see small round lit balls (orbs) flying around at night.thank you for letting me tell u about my experience .


Note: Ok, so it's California but strange things are being seen all over the world.


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