Saturday, June 5, 2010

Large bat-like creature sighting in California

Normally, only UFO and extraterrestrial sightings are reported to MUFON but this one was. It is a report of a bat-like creature, purported to have been seen near Lodi, California and it is interesting.

"Bat Creature" by SW

MUFON Case 23617
2010-05-14 at 02:45
Lodi, California

I had taken my dogs for a run early in the morning - about 2:30 on May 14th 2010. I was southeast of Lodi on Live Oak Road where the road to the winery intersects. There are outside lights and I saw something crouched in the road which I thought at first was a coyote eating something. Then it stood up and was about 4 1/2 feet tall so I knew it wasn't a coyote. It stooped back down and appeared to gather up whatever it had been eating; gave a little hop and soared away over the grapevines in an up down, up down motion. The wings sort of glistened in the light and did not seem to have feathers. I thought it looked like a gigantic bat, but have never heard of a bat that big. The dogs seemed to be frightened and jumped into the car. I was so amazed at what I saw.


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(Bat People; Night Flyers)

GIANT BAT PEOPLE: Sightings of mysterious human-sized bats have been reported in all corners of the world. They are described as having black or gray fur, a monkey-like face, clawed feet and a 10-15 foot wingspan. In Brazil they are called "bat people." In Mexico, an ancient Mayan cult worshiped the "death bat." The rainforests of Java echo the cries of a bat creature called the "Athol" because of its distinct "a-hool" vocalization. In Vietnam they are known as "night flyers." These winged humanoids are generally 5 feet tall with eerie feminine features. They are known to swoop down on their victims and attack several times.

AFRICAN CAVE DEMONS: The continent of Africa has reported many sightings of bat-like beasts. In Cameroon, it is called the "Olitiau," an immense bat creature that was seen by famed naturalist Ivan T. Sanderson in 1932 while on expedition. In Senegal, the creature is called "Guiafairo." In Ghana, the bat-like creature is called "Sasabonsam." A similar creature exists in Madagascar and is called the "Fangalabolo," and in Indonesia, tales of the "Organ-Bati" abound where the creature is said to roost in an extinct volcano and snatch children.



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  1. I've had E.S.P. (extra sensorial perceptions) about "spiritual entities" (spirits) of several kinds ever since I was a child.

    In spite of most drawings or human representations of these entities (most of them inspired by tradition, symbolism and folklore) I must say that a large majority of them simply look gorgeous in many different ways.

    There are millions of entities living on the Earth or on parallel dimensions - some of them look pretty much like us, but usually more beautiful, others are completely different (alien-like entities).

    However, according to my own perceptions, each of them has its own "beauty" and each of them is unique, just like every human being.

    If it might be our "right" to protect ourselves against those entities who seem to be hostile to us, I think we should nonetheless be respectful and avoid judgement: no matter how different we are, our Source of Existence / God is One and the same for all of us, so we all come from Love, even those we fear or hate or fight or call "enemies".


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