Monday, December 5, 2011

T'is the Season!

Christmas UFO

Click on either image for larger view.

Last year I decorated the front of the house with lights and created what looked like (at night), a landed flying saucer with multicolored chase lights around it. 

In the evenings after dark, I noticed quite a few people stopping out on the road and then speeding off.  I guess they thought it was a real UFO. hehe

As I was looking through last years photos, I came across one of the house that has an anomaly.  Can you see it? 

Look close, just to the left of the doorway.  A Christmas spirit, perhaps?

If you have had ghostly encounters at Christmas time, I'd love to read your story and possibly post it here.  If you have photos, that would be even better.

Send your stories and photos to me.


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