Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In a Dream, a Spirit's Life After Death

Soul Reflection

January 31, 2012

I had a spirit come to me in a dream last night.  I don't know for sure if she wanted my help but she definitely wanted to tell her story.

She died young, just barely into adulthood.  She was in an auto accident and didn't survive like she thought she had.

This is where it gets really interesting. For a long time she didn't know she was dead.  The reason is that there are more people than we know of, live human beings that can see spirits and many of them can interact with spirits.

Some people don't actually see dead people but sense they are there, or hear a whispering voice;  Some people see apparitions; only veiled wisps, or transparent forms with vague features.  Then there are those that see them as if they are alive, a complete body, face and voice.  These live people can see and speak to the deceased person like they would anyone else, interacting with the spirits, as if they were still alive. 

In fact, there are a few live people who can't quite discern the difference, so they treat the spirit as if they are alive.  And that is confusing.  Thus, a spirit came to me and told me her story in first person, literally.  For a brief while in my dream, I became her.

It started out, I was in bed.  I was attempting to clear my mind and sleep when I heard my dog growl ever so softly.  He does that when certain spirits are around, or if he hears a strange noise that bothers him.

Right then I knew a spirit had entered my home but I was tired and had few other concerns at the moment.  Sleep was more important than greeting a ghost at the door.

I never caught this spirits name but as her story unfolded in my mind, I became her, seeing through her eyes, her mind.  For now, I will call her Annie.

Annie was a lovely young lady, attending college and enjoying her young adulthood.  She vaguely recalled an accident but thought she was OK. For some time it never dawned on her that some people who she knew in school and home, totally ignored her while others spoke with her, smiled and then moved on. 

It didn't dawn on her that the party dress she liked in a store window just seemed to appear on her body, or that her attire changed at just a thought. She was confused but accepted it as normal and continued trying to live a life she no longer had.

Then in one moment, it all changed and the horror (to her) of what she is, became clear.  There were denials and she begged those around here not to tell her the truth but too late.  It was her own mother that told her how she died in a car accident and that it was her mother's love that kept her in limbo, in the living world. 

In Annie's state of denial, she approached every person she saw and begged of them, "You see me, don't you?  I'm real, I'm real!"

Most people ignored her, for they couldn't see or hear her but there were some who could and they made things worse.  They could see her but were afraid, or couldn't tell her what she needed to know.

And so, Annie came to me in a dream. She "relived" her sad story in my mind and before I could tell her that indeed, she is dead, Annie faded away and left me with the memories of a sad and broken spirit.

Annie, if you are reading this, it's OK.  You are OK.  Love, peace and happiness await you in the light.

[Note:  I really did experience this.  I would be interested to know if anyone else has had an experience like this and if so, would you be willing to share your story? -SW]


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