Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bizarre Encounters

Phantoms and Monsters post several reports of strange humanoids and cryptids. In TALL HUMANOIDS APPROACH CAMPSITE, while camping in the Anza Borrego State Park, California, a witness sees a number of strange, alien beings carrying 'light rods'.

In DARK FIGURE IN WOODS BEHIND HOME, a man near Sarnac, Michighan sees a large, dark bipedal creature with red eyes. The creature changes to 'all fours' and though shot twice, seems completely unharmed, disappearing into the dark forest.

The third report, TEXAS LIZARD MAN ENCOUNTER, a 13 year old boy goes hunting quail with his grandfather. He goes off on his own and at a pond, has an encounter with a tall, scaled lizard man, that enters the water and begins to swim towards the boy. The young man shoots several times and then terrified, runs back to his grandfather who does not believe his tale.

In another P&M story, a Minnesota Land Owner Claims Bigfoot Captured on Trail Camera. Could the photo be a candid shot of the elusive man ape, or a apish man?
(Cropped version of trail camera photo.)

* * *

Over on Cryptomundo, the big question is Where We Should Look For Bigfoot Bones, while over at Forteanzoology it's DALE DRINNON: On the Identity of East Asian And North American Giant Manlike Apes.

It appears that the bigfoot caught on a trail camera in Minnesota was nothing more than a man in a slicker suit. Please note the original photo and then the outlined photo below.

(Click on image for larger view.)

You can see the edge of the jacket, bottom of pant leg and sleeve, gloved hand, collar and edge of hood.
From the height of the grasses and weeds, I'd say the 'man' is 6 feet (+/- inches) tall.


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