Saturday, December 12, 2009

Move Over SyFy Ghost Hunters - Ghost Lab Is In Town

Barry and Brad Klinge of Ghost Lab.
Photo: Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Brothers Barry and Brad Klinge are not the typical ghost investigators you normally see on TV. The Klinges conduct scientific experiments in attempts to stir up paranormal activity, instead of goofing off while a spirit may or may not show up.

The Klinge brothers of Everyday Paranormal travel to reportedly haunted locations with their Ghost Lab trailer, a 24 ft. long (converted) car hauler. The Ghost Lab trailer can provide 200,000 watts of electricity to power audio-, video- and photo-analysis stations; flat-screen televisions; and an interactive touch-screen smart board.

The Ghost Lab also contains temperature, humidity and dew point data loggers; various digital cameras, including thermal-imaging cameras; audio recorders; and more than 8,000 feet of video cable. It also houses surveillance video cameras, which are capable of shooting 300 feet away in total darkness with a 180-degree peripheral view.

The Ghost Lab's on-site high-tech lab enables investigators to analyze data on the premises in real time, helping them to more narrowly focus their investigations on known hot spots.

The Klinge brothers hail from Universal City/Schertz area, near San Antonio.

President & Founder of Everyday Paranormal, Brad Klinge (a native Texan), is a 1996 graduate of Southwest Texas State University, with a major in business and a minor in broadcast journalism. Everyday Paranormal is Brad’s full-time job and career.

Brad Klinge has always been interested in the supernatural, which multiplied tenfold in the summer of 1990. It was at this time that Brad witnesseded and filmed one of the most significant supernatural events ever recorded — an actual ghost regiment. It was this experience that drove Brad to form Everyday Paranormal in October, 2007.

Brad's goal is to take supernatural investigation to a new level with common-sense theories and techniques, that so far have led to extraordinary evidence.

Barry Klinge (Brad's older brother), is Vice President/Chief Operating Officer of Everyday Paranormal. He also acts as case manager, does most of the client screening and scheduling.

Barry was born in Denver, Colorado but moved to Universal City,Texas when he was 6 months old. He did a stint in the U.S. Navy and is a Gulf War veteran.

Barry Klinge worked for 12 years as a paramedic before graduating in 2006, from the University of Texas at San Antonio, with a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology (physical education).

After experiencing many personal encounters over the years, Barry grabbed the opportunity to conduct professional and scientific research with his brother, Brad. Everyday Paranormal is now his full-time job and career.

Their TV series the on Discovery Channel was created by former professors and graduates of DeSales University in Upper Saucon Township, one being Executive Producer (and creator of Ghost Lab), Alan LaGarde.

You are invited to join the Klinge brothers, along with some of the world's foremost scientific
specialists, as they go about devising and testing cutting-edge theories during their Ghost Lab investigations.

Ghost Lab can be seen on TUESDAYS, 10pm E/P on Discovery Channel.

Watch a Ghost Lab Video on Youtube.

See more of Ghost Lab on

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Editor's Note: I've seen every episode to date, of Ghost Lab. I have to admit that they are definitely 'one up' (and more) on the Syfy Channel's Ghost Hunters.

Now if we could just get them to pan their cameras around more and spend less video time on their own mugs, 'we the viewers' might actually get to see something!


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