Wednesday, March 10, 2010

From UFOs to Ghosts- Unexplained and in the News: 3/10/2010

Welcome to the Phantom Universe.

Today we offer up some tasty morsels from the stranger side of the news room, with a few of my 'maybe not so witty' remarks. Enjoy!


A man and his dog become terrified, when they see an alien craft land, then a spooky white shape emerges and glides towards them. The man and dog run like mad!
Can't say as I blame them, so would I.
Read the story here-


Is this the best UFO photo of the decade? Out of Argentina comes another UFO photo.
Is it just me, or does that look like a worn out house-shoe?
Read the story here-


An unexplained light show has appeared in the skies over Lake Erie for six nights, so Fox 8 News ran with it.
See the story, video and photos here-


A glowing green UFO is spotted (in photo) hovering over last working windmill in Norfolk.
Some say it's a green Chinese lantern. Yeah, right.
See photos and story here-


Skywatchers over Eureka, California believe they saw a "jalopy UFO", belching fire and smoke.
Read the story and see the photo here-



Religion and Cryptozoology. Now there's a combo.
The story is here-

The Chupacabra legend lives on with new sighting... in Oklahoma.
OK, so it was a raccoon with a severe case of mange but the monster still lives!
Read the tale and see the video here-

Something big is prowling in East Texas neighborhood.
It ain't the teenagers...
See story and photos here-

A recent Bigfoot sighting in Leeds.
Hey, isn't that a hot-spot for UFOs?

Read the story here-


New Zealander auctions off two "ghosts" in a bottle. An electronic cigarette company amde the top bid and is now looking for ideas on what to do with the ghosts.
I say, "Set them free!"
See the story here-


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