Friday, March 26, 2010

Stepping into the future with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Everyone dreams of a robot helper but one that can lie? I found the "Nao" to be quite cute but rather a bit too human in the thought department.
Let's hope those lies extend only to other robots.

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Here's a robot that is considered the number 1 humanoid robot.

Asimo- Honda

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More about Asimo


Partner Robot - Toyota

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QRIO- Sony

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Though Sony terminated it's QRIO project, Honda and Toyota continue to improve their robots.

One day we may all interact with totally autonomous, human-like robots (androids), such as "Jules", a conversational robot that was developed by Hanson Robotics.

Jules- A conversational robot

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Now for the newest addition, Albert (Einstein) Hubo. "Albert Hubo" a robot created by Hanson and the KAIST Hubo group.

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David Hanson, Ph.D is founder/CEO of Hanson Robotics. He is regarded by IEEE, NYTimes, Science, etc. as a pioneer in robotics. He is a former Walt Disney Imagineer.

Hanson has been called a genius by PC Magazine and 'Wired' and has won AAAI 1st place, NASA, NSF, Innovator of the Year, and Cooper Hewitt Design awards.

About David Hanson- Robot designer

Learn more about Hanson Robotics

One day we may be faced with situations such as in "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov, "The Terminator", or even 'Data' the android of Star Trek-The Next Generation. Unlike books, movies and television shows, Asimo, Jules and others of their kind are real.

How will we handle robots that can surpass us in almost every respect? Will they one day up-rise against their human masters, or will they always be the helpmates they were intended?

What constitutes life and will these humanoid robots some day have a soul? Will they one day be our equals? Though improbable, I would have to say possibly so.

As we make strides in "cybernetics" as well as robotics, will we someday 'be them'?

These are some of the questions that must be faced, as we step into the future on mechanical feet. Are we prepared?


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