Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spooked by a Peeping Tom

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Recently I took a photo of a summer weight bread spread my daughter had given me this past Christmas and I wanted her to see how it looked. I snapped off a couple of photos and quickly left the room, suddenly feeling 'spooked'.

For some unknown reason, I deleted one of the photos, which I rarely do. I always save my original photos and then copy to other folders for use. The one I deleted was at an angle more towards the window, the first photo I had taken. It might have shown more of what I found.

I was going through my photos several days later and my eyes were immediately drawn to the window in the photo. I did some highlighting of the whole window area and that is when what I was seeing really showed up.

The rectangular screen pull tab can be clearly seen but it is the "object" above the tab that has my attention. There were no lights outside, no moon and completely dark, except for a few lights in the distance. I live on a farm.

Now if that doesn't creep someone out, I don't know what will!

Note: I live in a rural area on a farm. There have been numerous sightings of unidentified flying objects in our area. I am also an 'experiencer' and an 'intuitive'.
All my life I have been able to see, hear and/or sense things that others don't want to. We all have the ability but some of us are more willing to accept our gifts and not bury them in fear and skepticism.

I've always accepted my gifts but being chosen as a lab rat for aliens is not something I'd wish on anyone! And I certainly don't appreciate being spied upon.

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