Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strange places in the U.S., Part I

The mysterious hand-print of the Carbon County Jail

There is a permanent marker on the wall of cell 17, of the Carbon County Jail, in the town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. Each day, a hanged man proclaims his innocence, by the imprint of his hand. The permanent marker on the cell wall has resisted all efforts to clean, repaint, and even re-plastering. Not long after each attempt to cover it up, the hand-print becomes visible again.

Alexander Campbell, a recruiter for the Molly Maguires, said, "I am innocent, I was nowhere near the scene of the crime." Then he slapped his hand against the wall of his cell, and continued, "There is proof of my words. That mark of mine will never be wiped out. It will remain forever to shame the county for hanging an innocent man."

And indeed, that mark remains.

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The Ghosts of Robbers Cave

Unexplained voices, cries, screams, and unintelligible laughing and talking can be heard in "Robber's Cave". Below the summit of Pahuk Bluff, near Lincoln, Nebraska, this network of caves is said to be haunted by the spirits of Pawnee tribes-people, runaway slaves and escaped prisoners, all long dead.

The cave passages are said to have connected the local penitentiary and the State Hospital for the Insane. One story claims that this tunnel was used as an escape route for prisoners, until it was finally sealed off.

The cave is no longer in existence, as the site was filled in and a business constructed on top of what was once the cave entrance. If you can find the location, you might still hear the sounds of the past.

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The Devil's Tramping Ground

According to those that seem to know, no one has ever been able to spend the night in the circle, tramped out by the Devil himself, as he eternal paces, pondering new evils for mankind.

Known as the Devi's Tramping Ground, the 40 foot x 40 foot barren circle in the midst of the forest near Siler, North Carolina lies cold and infertile, yet beckons the fool-hearty soul to camp in it's dark center.

Compass readings change in and out of the circle, showing there is some type of disturbance in and around the Devi's Tramping Ground, causing even the birds and bugs to be silent. Soil testing gives no particular reason as to it's apparent 'dead state'.

Animals refuse to tread across it, birds won't land on it's ashen surface. What is it, what created it so long ago? Settlers of the 1700s knew of it and the local Native Americans claim it is a sacred place.

Is it a landing spot for UFOs, or a vortex, a paranormal doorway to alternate realities? Objects placed in the circle will be moved or gone by morning and no one will spend the entire night in the circle. Would you?

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