Friday, November 6, 2009

'Destination - Truth' Team Scores Again On The Yeti Hunt

2009- Josh Gates and his intrepid explorers head back to the Himalayas by way of the Kingdom of Bhutan. In their search for "the truth", they make new discoveries.

On their 2008 trek to the Himalayas, the 'Destination: Truth' team brought back this plaster cast of a giant footprint.

(Click on photos for a larger view.)

During this 2009 expedition back to the Himalayas, the 'Destination: Truth' team finds a hair sample, in Bhutan, which was later tested, proving to have an unknown (Human/Primate Type) DNA sequence.

The 'Destination: Truth' team weren't so lucky with the FLIR camera. This photo capture of the video shows what looks to be a bear.

View Video 1 on Youtube

View Video 2 on Youtube

View Video 3 on Youtube

View Video 4 on Youtube

View Video 5 on Youtube

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