Thursday, November 5, 2009

Horrible Crime Leads To Haunting Lights flickering, blinds snapping, and the hands of the clock moving. All unexplainable phenomenons that kept happening in a Chico apartment where Jodi Foster was living in 2000.

Foster: "It wasn't just me, my kids, friends would say what's wrong with this apartment?"

Idie Herrera: "I would get these feelings from the hallway to the kitchen, and feel a coldness."

Foster thought she was going crazy, but couldn't pin down why all these strange things kept happening. She finally talked to a neighbor who had lived there for years.

Foster: "Apparently I had moved into a girls apartment who'd been murdered in the 70s. People would move in and move out."

When Jodi first moved in to the apartment, she started having dreams about a couple who abducted a young woman from Chico, murdered and buried her body in a remote mountainous area. What she didn't know is that dream sounded a lot like a missing person's case from the 1970s'.

A case that is still unsolved in Red Bluff, involving Cameron Hooker who is serving time for abducting a girl in 1977 and keeping her as a sex slave for seven years. Hooker's wife confessed his horrendous actions, even hinting at another attempted abduction in Chico in 1976.

Foster: "He's possibly the suspect of being involved with a missing person."

Foster and her daughter Hannah only stayed in the apartment for about a month. The management company covered the cost of her move, and she promised to keep quiet about the haunted mystery. But the vivid dreams foster had while living there never left her mind.

"They had specific details about where this girl was taken and buried in a shallow grave."

Seven years after moving out, foster started researching the Hooker case and the missing girl 18-year old Marie Elizabeth Spannhake... who went by the nickname Marliz.

Foster: "Hannah used to always say mommy my Liz is following you, I'd say who, she'd say my Liz, my angel she follows you around."

And then there were the drawings...

Foster: "Hannah had drawn a picture of My Liz before we even got the articles and they were so similar it freaked me out."

Foster believed Marliz was trying to contact her and took the information to police.

"This was definitely unusual to hear info about a 25 year old case, it doesn't happen everyday, the details were interesting."

Foster: "My dreams correlated with the info they had in their case."

Finally finding the courage to share the scary stories from the apartment, Jodi wrote book documenting everything.

Foster: "I want justice. I want this girl to have a voice and right now I am her voice."

Ultimatley she wants to find Marliz's remains, so they both can be at peace.

Foster: "I would volunteer to drive out there to see if we can find this girl."

Call it a coincidence, but foster hopes her contact with the other side helps to solve this chilling case.

For more information about the crime, visit:

The Case of the Seven-Year Sex Slave

The Seven Year Hitchhike

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