Thursday, November 26, 2009

Real Story Of A Haunting And An Exorcism

Tragic Hinsdale House webisode series trailer released

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"Tragic Hinsdale House is a webisode series that begins December 1, 2009 at on the national Paranormal News page.

Produced by Tremont Avenue Productions, the series explores the infamous haunted house in Hinsdale, NY, where Father Alphonsus Trabold performed an exorcism on February 14, 1974.

The crew explores the site's past with local paranormal historian Michael Rambacher and with the current homeowners. The exorcism is reenacted with regional actors in the actual rooms where it all took place.

A recently discovered document - a transcription of a tape recording the priest made during the exorcism - was turned into a script for the re-inaction.

No scary music or hype - we take you right to the site with those closest to it and give you the story. "

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