Monday, October 5, 2009

Breckenridge- The Most Haunted Town in Texas?

Due to its publicity on the Travel Channel and the Sci-Fi Network, the city of Breckenridge is now considered the most haunted city in Texas. In light of the fact that there are so many stories, maybe it is at the very least, the most haunted small town in Texas, or maybe Breckenridge residents are more imaginative. You decide.

Walking the streets of Breckenridge after dark, may give you the opportunity to meet up with a spectre or two. Just beware that snooping around might land you in more trouble than a ghostly scare. However, a trip downtown may reveal a late night "ghost walker".

Highway 180 runs through Breckenridge and if you are lucky (or maybe not), you might see the lady hitchhiker with the knife in her neck, trying to thumb a ride.

Another is the specter of a headless woman, chugging down the unleaded at a local gas station.

One of the local bars in town has a reputation as being haunted. Several people have actually seen and heard the spirit of an elderly gentleman, passing through the bar area. Another ghostly presence is reputed to pinch ladies bottoms, when they enter the women's restroom.

No one ever goes upstairs, directly over the bar area. In fact, the stairwell is closed off and the door to it is kept locked. But late at night, when all is still and the juke box no longer blares, you just might hear furniture being drug across the floor, or find butt prints in the dust on the sofa upstairs.

The Stephens County Courthouse in downtown Breckenridge, has it's share of ghostly inhabitants. A person working for the judicial system told me that she did not like to stay there by herself at night, especially in certain areas of the courthouse. She would hear strange noises, doors opening and closing, keys rattling and sometimes disembodied voices, when and where no other living person was there.

Coal Mountain, located near Breckenridge, is an area that has several repeated ghost sightings and many folks say they have seen the head of a sheep on a man’s body, stalking the area.

Another spooky apparition on Coal Mountain, is said to be an armed forces uniform walking about, with no head or body. It is as if it's trying to find someone. It appears to be a hostile spirit, so you might not want to find it.

Residents of Breckenridge claim that Big Branch is haunted. Many have seen the specter of a woman in a bloody wedding gown, throwing rocks into the water.

Another ghost found at Big Branch, with the appearance of a young man dressed in a winter coat, appeared to be drinking down a root beer. After being seen, he faded into the night.

A child wearing a white shirt walking around alone has been spotted at Hubbard Creek Lake. Residents say there was a little boy that drowed long ago. If you are brave, or foolish enough, you might see him walking around at 3:00 a.m.

Another ghostly resident of Hubbard Creek Lake, is that of a woman who appears to be severely burned, holding a skull and standing near the waterfront. Folks who live there now, believe this spirit is a long departed resident of the area.

A Railroad Conductor has been seen, walking old railroad track that crosses FM 207 southeast of
Breckenridge, near Frankell, Texas. The tracks were used for the P.T. Barnum train, years ago.

A recent sighting was that of a fluorescent human shape, which was observed in Buckaroo Field late at night, consuming a cookie. The phantom supposedly greeted the eye witness.

A decapitated gentleman was seen looking at the scenery at Conner Lake Dam in the early morning hours. Seemingly panic stricken by the bystanders, the ghost withdrew into the dark.

A woman with her head and right arm and left leg amputated was observed staring at folks in a Breckenridge mobile home through an air vent. When perceived the spirit menacingly approached the onlooker, who then ran away.
What makes me wonder, is if her head was not attached, how did the witnesses know she was staring at them?

The ghost of a man with the sign of the devil etched into his head, has been seen waving to cars beside a shady highway near Breckenridge. Some in Breckenridge allege that this phantom is that of a traveler who was killed while driving through Breckenridge, quite some time ago. If I saw him, I don't believe I'd stop to ask him if he'd like a lift.

A few visitors to Possum Kingdom State Park have seen the ghostly image of a woman with worms crawling out of her ears, as she stands beside the park’s ranger station. Visitors have also noted that she looks as if to be reaching out for something.

The specter of an engine driver is also frequently be spotted near this same ranger station. Maybe he's looking for the lady with the wormy ears.

Whether you believe these stories or not, some of the residents in and around Breckenridge do. But before you go ghost hunting on private property, I'd ask permission from the living first, as it would be the wise thing to do.



  1. The railroad was owned by Ringling, not Barnum.

  2. I was searching for Texas Haunted House and found your post, seems too scary. I would never prefer to go such places.


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