Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Prophetic Dreams

Can a person really see future events, or know what fate has in store for them? Can they leave their bodies and travel to distant places? Whether others believe or not I do, as it has been proven to me time and again.

As a child I had prophetic dreams, that ability not limited to myself. My mother told me of a recurring dream she had in 1969-1970, of being below ground, among a throng of people. They were all progressing towards a brilliant light. She could not see the source of the light but as she reached the outer most edge of light, a beautiful woman in white, gold and blue robes met her and took her hand, ushering her forward, on towards the light. My mother knew at that moment, that the beautiful lady was Mary, the mother of Jesus. It also became clear to her, that in her dream she had died.

After mother told me her dream and expressed to me her belief, that she would soon die. It was then she told me that if anything happened to her, she would come back and let me know that there indeed was life after death.

Fast forward to 1972 and the day my mother found out she had breast cancer. The cancer had spread quickly and though she had a radical mastectomy, chemo and X-ray treatments, the doctors gave her only 6 months to live.

Mother did pass on but she lived until the day after Christmas, 1975. She was only 60 years old. Her faith kept her alive for 3 years instead of 6 months and she lived long enough to hold my child, her new grand daughter, in her arms.

About 2 months after her passing, I saw my mother standing in the doorway, proving to me that life does indeed live beyond the mortal shell we call a body.

A short time later, my dad and I both had the same dream, of my mother trying to tell us something about her grave. A couple of days later, the cemetery association called to say that my mother's grave had sunk 2 feet, that they would have to exhume the casket to fix the problem.

As for me, I began dreaming future events when I was about 5 years old. For several years I dreamed I was given a beautiful palomino horse. Year after year, the same dream, over and over.

When I had just turned 10 years old, my Godmother was having to move away and could not take the horse that she had recently purchased. She asked me if I would take it and be it's new rider, it's caretaker. After my parents agreed, the horse became mine, a beautiful palomino mare, golden in color, with long white mane and tail; just as it had been foretold in my dreams.

Little did I know that my future held more prophetic dreams and night-time travels, however, I'll withhold those stories for a later time.

S. Williams

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