Friday, October 9, 2009

Destination Truth- Alien Mummy & UFOs in Chile

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Destination Truth, the Syfy Channel series, air date: Wednesday, October 7, 2009. The crew found an odd decomposing corpse in an abandoned mine and a mysterious light above the ridge line.

Destination Truth- Alien Mummy (Part 1)

Destination Truth- Alien Mummy (Part 2)

Is this an alien of extraterrestrial origin, or is it an unknown species?

Looking at the photo evidence, experts ruled out human, or bird but what is that headless corpse that was found by the Destination Truth team? Hopefully the Chilean authorities will conduct a DNA test to find out.

Oh, and that light in the tunnel? It appears the team wasn't alone.

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  1. Is it possible the "ALIEN" mummy is actually some sort of reptile?


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