Thursday, October 22, 2009

Texoma Researchers Investigating Paranormal Phenomena

Texoma Researchers Investigating Paranormal Phenomena (T.R.I.P.P.), is a group located in Wichita Falls, Texas, who's interest is in helping others, that suspect they may be dealing with paranormal activity.

Though they are based in Wichita Falls, the T.R.I.P.P. team is willing to travel within a 150 mile radius of home base, to aid those in need, or simply to advance research of the paranormal.

Whether it is a client's home, place of business, or a site of historical interest, T.R.I.P.P. does not charge for their services but donations for fuel, or lodging (if necessary) are appreciated.

If you live in the Texoma area and suspect you are experiencing paranormal activity, T.R.I.P.P. is available to help you.

Visit the T.R.I.P.P. Website.

T.R.I.P.P. has been contacted by a group from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX, who are producing a documentary about the paranormal. They asked and T.R.I.P.P. agreed to be a part of this new documentary.

Filming should be completed in December, 2009 and will air on the MSU channel, on local cable TV after the presentation at MSU. The airing dates and times will be listed on the T.R.I.P.P. Website.

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